Eyelash extensions

The eyelash extension is a simple and effective method to set your eyes in the scene. Long, thick and perfectly curled eyelashes already in the morning after getting up and without using the mascara. Perfect for everyday use, holidays, weddings and events of all kinds.

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Eyelash extensions - this is how it works
On each of your natural eyelashes an artificial eyelash is attached with a (skin-friendly) special glue. The extensions are very elastic and comfortable to wear. You can choose between different lengths, thicknesses and bends.

For the so-called first treatment you should schedule one to two hours. If only a few lashes are filled later, the treatment is correspondingly shorter.

Artificial lashes permanently to wear?
We always read about permanent eyelash extensions, but the name deceives. An eyelash extension does not last for life, because your eyelash hair fall (like your hair) completely natural and with them also the extensions.

An eyelash grows between four and six weeks and can then remain for a few weeks in the so-called rest phase before it fails. This is why I recommend that the lashes should be refilled every two to four weeks so that the lashes continue to look evenly thick.

Eyelash extensions - you must pay attention to this before
Please do not apply eye make-up before the treatment and clean the eye area with a mild, non-alcoholic and oil-free detergent. Please do not use any cream before treatment and no eyelash curler. If you wear contact lenses, please take them out before.
Eyelash extensions - you must pay attention to this after
Swimming, Sauna & Sports – all no problem. Only in the first 48 hours after the treatment, your eyelash extensions may not come into contact with water. Creams & Co. are also taboo in this time, since the adhesive is fully cured only after two days. Sauna, steam baths and solarium please reduce and are also possible at the earliest 48 hours after the treatment. Please also pay attention to the steam when cooking! Also the eyelash curler is taboo.

To keep your extensions as long as possible, you should brush your eyelashes regularly and use non-greasy and oil-free cosmetic products and do not rub your eyes and eyelash extensively and gently dab dry. If you want to use mascara despite extensions, you are best to blush only the tips and not the eyelash base. In order to clean the lid optimally, you should use a cotton bud.

Attention! Waterproof mascara can loosen the eyelash glue.

The eyelash extension is also suitable for contact lens carriers. If you no longer want to have your eyelash extension, you can wait until the eyelashes fail by themselves or remove the artificial eyelashes from me.

Are there contraindications?
Yes, the followings:


  • conjunctivitis, barley grains, eyelid inflammation (painful swollen eyelids)
  • sections or abrasions in the eye area
  • inflamed or sensitive skin around the eyes
  • eyelash extensions from other suppliers