Your treatment for a flawless complexion with a long-lasting WOW factor

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What is WOW Skin?
The latest generation of microneedling with a make-up finish which provides you with a long-lasting foundation that permanently conceals unwanted skin discolouration without the need for additional make-up. Trendy covers, contour & conceal veneers also emphasize your unique face shape. No matter whether during sport, swimming or right after getting up: Your new WOW Skin Look is always on – waterproofed, customized & on Fleek!
That's how it's done:
The WOW Skin Microneedling is a safe, fast and effective system for the incorporation of high-quality active ingredients and pigments into the skin with the help of ultra-fine needles.

The needles open many small microchannels in the skin. This leads to the fact that the skin’s own collagen and elastin production is stimulated and the active ingredients and pigments can be smuggled into deeper skin layers. Incidentally, WRINKLES, ACNA SCARS, REDNESS, FRECKLES, EYE SHADOWS, HYPERPIGMENTATION, LARGE PORES AND AGE SPOTS are reduced. Used regularly, needling creates fine-pored and younger looking skin with a fresh glow. Microneedling makes the skin up to 40 times more receptive to care substances. It is therefore very important to provide your skin with the right products, especially after the treatment. And it supports your skin on the way to your own personal goal.


FOR GOOD VIBES ONLY! Made in Germany – All WOW Skin products for needling use in the studio are 100% fragrance-free and contain natural active ingredients.

Take home beauty
High quality home care products “Made in Germany”

Get your perfect WOWskin look in the long term with the home care for your cover, contour & conceal needling. Available in the studio.

Do you need a touch-up?
Yes, 2 follow-up treatments are recommended.

Therefore you have the possibility to book a package with 3 treatments at a special price. Even after 3 needling applications, dark circles, redness and pigment spots don’t have a chance! Cleverly combined and perfectly matched to your skin type, the three nuances of the WOWskin Cover It Up – serums also provide trendy contouring accents that give your face an unique glow.

The advantages of a WOWskin treatment

  • redness
  • dark circles
  • freckles
  • acne scars
  • wrinkles
  • hyperpigmentation
  • big pores


  • long-lasting & waterproof WOW Foundation
  • must have contouring look
  • a harmonious, fresh, revitalized and fine-pored complexion
  • Forever Young Skin Effect
How long does a treatment last?
Due to UV rays, metabolism, temperature effects (solarium, sauna), the condition of the skin (greasy or dry), as well as your personal lifestyle, the result and its durability can be influenced. Usually, the WOWskin effect lasts from 6 to 12 months, provided that 3 treatments and home care have been used.
What should I consider before the treatment?
Please do not drink coffee 4-5 hours before the treatment, as the caffeine strengthens the blood circulation.
Are there any contraindications?
  • bruising (hematoma)
  • psoriasis
  • hepatitis
  • cyst
  • moles
  • severe couperose or rosacea.
  • people with acute illnesses or viral infections
  • wheal
  • blood sponge
  • eczema
  • hemophilia
  • Ulcer
  • HIV
Are there any risk factors that require medical approval?
  • diabetes
  • blood-thinning medication
  • Herpes