About me

My name is Jennifer Schmidt, I am mother of a daughter and certified lash stylist and microblading artist.

Before that, I have successfully completed a training as a foreign language correspondent, a hotel specialist and a distance learning degree to an accountant and bring some years of professional experience in the areas mentioned. It´s been a very exciting and nice time, where I have gained many experiences.

Since I am always passionately interested in beauty and was even plagued by the problem of having to mend my eyebrows every morning, I came across the mircroblading. There I found myself directly. Now I have decided to turn my passion into my business, so I became self-employment.

In order to learn from the best of the best, I decided to graduate as a microblading artist in Germany at WOW Brows in Berlin, at one of the most prestigious schools.

My main motivation is that I can help you feel better in your skin through my work, based on my expertise and abilities.

I am looking forward to welcoming you personally in my studio!

Yours Jennifer Schmidt