Our eyes are the mirror of our soul and the eyebrow is the frame that perfectly stains the expression of our eyes. An appropriate eyebrow is adapted to our facial shape, opens our eyes and flatters our appearance.

You want to have perfect and natural looking eyebrows without doing it yourself each day? Then you are absolutely right at Le Beautyque.

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What is Microblading?
Microblading is a manual, semi-permanent pigmentation technique used for eyebrows. After a precise pre-drawing of the desired eyebrow shape, color pigments are placed in the form of fine strokes with the help of aligned needles – so-called blades. This allows correction of the eyebrow shaping, but also the complete reconstruction of lost or failed eyebrows.

In contrast to the conventional permanent make-up, microblading is not graved with a tattoo needle, but with a pen-like, manual handpiece smoothed lines in the skin will be implement. Gaps are easily and naturally filled – without the famous bar effect.

The originally method came from the Asian region and was the first technique with which tattoos were engraved. Microblading has been on the market for a long time and is an absolute trend process.

The result of microblading is not only absolutely natural, but the eyebrows are modeled and brought into the personal, natural form. The result is always quite individual.

How long does a microblading treatment take?
The treatment lasts approx. 2 hours and includes the following steps:

  • a detailed consultation
  • measurement and pre-drawing of the eyebrows
  • choice of the optimal color tone
  • pigmentation
  • Afterwards, the color is applied to the skin once again and remains there for 5-10 minutes until the wound healing takes place and the color is enclosed. Then, the paint is gently removed again and a sealant and a care cream are applied.
Is an after-treatment necessary?
Yes, in most cases post-treatment is recommended.

In the first session the basis for the eyebrow shape, color and intensity is created. In the second session, about 3 weeks later, the whole is perfected. The rest of the details are rounded down, possible scanty spots are painted, as well as the contours are perfected. Because it could be that:

  • The penetration depth of the pigment is low and the lines are very fine and thin. There is thus a likelihood that a repetition of the pigmentation is required in some areas.
  • After healing, corrections of the shape and thickness of the eyebrows can be approached by the customer and performed by the microblading artist.
  • If the customer is not sure of the color intensity, I use a lighter color tone in the first treatment. In the touching up, the color can be intensified at the request of the customer.
The Benefits of Microblading
  • the microblading technique is painless and you do not have to reach for the pen every day
  • the special feature of microblading is the fineness of the lines, the strokes are as wide as the human hair and you can hardly distinguish them from the real eyebrow hair
  • the colors used in microblading are stable and will simply fade naturally over time without changing or expanding their color
  • the hair roots will be not damaged
How long does a treatment last?
The results and their durability can be influenced by UV radiation, metabolism, temperature effects (solarium, sauna) and the skin texture (greasy or dry). Usually the microblading holds however 1.5-2 years. This does not mean that it is completely gone after this time, but the color becomes paler with time.
For whom is microblading suitable?
Microblading is suitable for all who:

  • want to embellish her eyebrow shape
  • want a bit more fullness
  • for those who have lost their hair due to an illness
  • or for customers who already have a permanent make-up and are thus dissatisfied or want to have it touch up
How long does the redness or swelling remain after the microblading treatment?
Swelling occur very rarely and usually go away after an hour. Slight redness can occur up to max. 2 hours after treatment.
What should I consider before the microblading treatment?
Two days before the treatment you can remove the superficial, dry and dead skin with a peeling. This way, your skin is smoothed and refreshed in the area of the eyebrows and thus optimally prepared for the microblading treatment.

Do not apply any oily products to the eyebrows one day before the treatment.

Do not drink coffee 4-5 hours before the treatment as the caffeine strengthens the blood circulation.

Are there contraindications for performing microblading?
Yes, there are the following contraindications:

  • pregnancy / lactation
  • neoformations of unknown origin, especially if they are within the range of the proposed micropigmentation
  • menstruation
  • colds
  • mental disorders
  • diabetes insulin-dependent form
  • severe, somatic disorders
  • the possibility of formation of keloid scars
  • acute inflammatory diseases
  • epilepsy
  • reduced blood clotting and disease associated with it