Eyelashes and eyebrows dyeing

Often, the first impression is how an encounter evolves. And because many look first at the face and eyes of their counterparts, expressive eyes are important. To score with the eyes, it is not just the eye color, but also the eyelashes and the eyebrows should make an impression. Dark lashes are perceived better than bright ones. Long eyelashes look more attractive than short. In order to give you a more striking color and visible length, many women brush the eyelashes. However, if you do not want to go to the mascara and eyebrow pencil every morning and still want to shine with striking eyelashes and eyebrows, Le Beautyque is the best for you.

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Before you must pay attention to this
If possible, do not apply eye make-up before the treatment and clean the eye area with a mild, non-alcoholic and oil-free detergent. Please do not use any cream before treatment and no eyelashe curler. If you wear contact lenses, please take them out before.
After you must pay attention to this
After the treatment everything is possible. Swimming, sauna, beach or sports – all no problem.
Are there contraindications?
Yes, the following:


  • conjunctivitis, barley grains, eyelid inflammation (painful swollen eyelids)
  • cuts or abrasions in the area of the eye
  • inflamed or sensitive skin around the eyes
  • eyelash extensions (these must be removed before)


Directly after getting up fresh and looking good for about 4 weeks. Gone are the days when mascara and eyebrow pens have to be used. Before we paint your eyelashes we can also do a lash lifting. This will make your eyes even more intense and your eyes will be optimally emphasized.